An easy, secure way for brands & influencers to collaborate.

Brands & Businesses

Create campaigns and request influencers.

Define requirements for your campaigns, including start-end dates and a maximum budget. You can then request to collaborate with specific influencers, or allow any influencer to apply to a public campaign.


Join campaigns;
by application or request.

Define your rates and apply to campaigns,
or accept requests from global brands.
Have fluid dialogue with brands and work on your terms.


Secure payments, with refunds and conflict resolution.

Never leave empty handed.

Influencers specify their rates when joining campaigns. Brands then pay into Peach, and the influencer receives a payout 24 hours after the campaign end-date, or once the campaign is marked as complete by the brand.


Free to use,
with no limits.

No subscriptions, infinite campaigns.
Peach takes £3.48 + 8% of transactions.

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